What if I am bitten by a rat?

Rats can be best described as equipped nuisance. With large teeth, they can quickly administer bites same as a doctor administers drugs. Rat bite is a risk everyone is exposed to; at work, at home or even at vacations. Rats are human cohabitants; you’d find them in every human community. These nocturnal critters have been discovered to biting sleeping people, babies in particular. Rats are very rarely rabid and hence do not carry the rabies virus. Rats will typically avoid people and will literally avoid you rather have a confrontation.

Rat bites, however, can be infectious. In rare cases, humans might suffer from rat bite fever and also are susceptible to tetanus. With large teeth, a rat bite might be deep or fortunately superficial. Rat bites might be multiple on a single victim or might be a single puncture. With a chance to transmit over 70 diseases, an open wound might be the least of being bitten by a rat. This guide will outline steps to help stay free of the possible damage a rat bite might cause.

Superficial bites are quite unavoidable most times. This makes it hard to treat, so you have to be alert to the possible symptoms that shows rat bites. Always seek a doctor help. Symptoms include


It's only natural to get a red spot when bitten since the flesh have been damaged by the teeth of the rat. Rats have sharp incisors and might tear off your skin while biting. It may also cause a wound that is deep and open. If you get bitten, you don't need a treatment for this. Get wound disinfected and get medical help as soon as possible. If it's a deep wound, get it disinfected as well and stitch it up.


If Streptobacillus moniliformis is transmitted during bites, fever and vomiting are common symptoms. Such complaints might come 10 days after bite has occurred. Other symptoms of rat bites include: rash, swollen limbs, pain, muscle ache, joint pain, headache and even ulcer might come up as a symptom. In any of these instances, getting the appropriate care from a doctor is most advised.

Ignoring a rat bite is fatal for the victim. Getting treatment is a must if bitten. Consequences might be more dangerous than you may think of. Prevention from rat bites is actually more important than finding a cure. When bitten, take the following steps if bites require no stitching

Remove anything that might come in contact with the wound.

Stop bleeding if there is any.

Wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Apply disinfectant.

Use an antibiotic: drug or cream.

Ease off body pain.

Visit a doctor.


You don't have to be bitten by a rat. Put an end to rat infestation in your home and prevent bites. However, in case you haven't and have been bitten, be quick to get professional help. In case you can't, take the above steps and you can be sure to be safe. A few homemade treatments should not hurt, so don't be scared of taking one.

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